Meta Refresh EU values

This website refreshes the values of the European Union.
It uses the HTML Meta Refresh command to renew itself every 7 seconds and contemplates the meaning of values, their duration and their transformation as social constructs.

This project was designed by Marco Antelmi and Bennet Etsiwah and presented at the Online Correspondence on the EU's Digital Futures on 30/06/21.

To discover the complexity of values and digitization in Europe, please ask yourself the following questions:

1. What do your experiences on the internet teach you about values?

2. What is the value of values?

3. Can there be such a thing as a European value?

4. When is a value a value?

5. Are digital values the same as values for digitization?

6. Can values be represented by data?

7. Do we need to refresh our EU Values?